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Owner, Stylist

Erin is an attentive, personable, and creative hairstylist. Growing up in West Texas she knew from a young age she wanted to have a career where she could work with people to make a difference in their lives while also doing something creative and fun. Becoming a hairstylist was the obvious choice!

As an extension and color specialist, Erin takes the time to listen to her clients and expertly craft a look that will enhance their features and fit their lifestyles. Erin strives to curate a
one-of-a-kind experience for every guest who sits in her chair by providing luxury, all-inclusive services. As a salon owner, she prides herself in cultivating a beautiful, welcoming space that her staff and guests love to be in. She loves coaching each of her stylists to empower them to have the career and life they dream of!

Erin's career goal was always to own a badass salon, which has come to fruition with Headspace! Now, her focus is on growing her team and the salon and taking them to the next
level! She can't wait to see what the future holds and is excited to continue making her clients feel confident and beautiful!

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