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Introducing Becca, an easy-going and ambitious stylist hailing from Joshua Tree, California. Becca discovered her passion for cosmetology in 2017, where she found the perfect blend of her background in sociology and hospitality with her innate creativity.


When Becca isn't working her magic in the salon, she dedicates her time to furthering her education, cherishing moments with her husband and friends, staying active, and lending a helping hand at her brother's brewery.

Becca's love for her job stems from the joy of building strong relationships with her clients and helping them achieve their best look and feel. Whether they seek relaxation or a bold transformation, Becca is there to provide unwavering support.


With her sights set on continuous improvement and delivering outstanding service, Becca dreams of becoming a mentor to aspiring stylists. One of her most cherished moments is when clients look in the mirror and exclaim, "I look like me again!"—a testament to her ability to create personalized styles that align with their lifestyles and personality.


Experience Becca's easy-going nature, ambition, and commitment to excellence at Headspace Salon. Together, you'll embark on a journey of creating beautiful hair and embracing your unique style.

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