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Meet Dakota! She is energetic, bubbly, and creative. Dakota was born and raised in Austin, Texas. Dakota started a beauty Youtube channel in the 6th grade, and that's when she developed a passion for the Cosmetology Industry! She got a head start and attended Cosmetology school in High school. Dakota loves her job because it allows her to bring her clients' inner beauty to the outside; after all, your hair is an accessory you don't take off! Dakota's goal is  to pursue continued education while perfecting her craft. One of Dakota's passions is working with clients who need to correct their hair color, and she loves these appointments because they usually end in happy tears when clients see their hair fixed into something beautiful again.


Outside of work, Dakota loves finding new restaurants and food trucks. She is a big foody!


Dakota plans to get certified in hair extensions this year! So stay tuned for that goodness.

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